Tuesday, January 31, 2006


My first major sports event - Euro League Basketball in the Arena in Nuremberg. It was funny, it was loud and our team from Bamberg lost. My task was to clap when all other people did and to scream “Defense, defense” whenever the team of Tau Ceramica was on the move. I was good.
They even had Cheerleaders but I have to admit that in the meantime I prefer the subtile sexappeal of adult women instead of underage Aerobic girls. Yes, I looked at them though - I’m a man, that’s simply the way nature works.

The most remarkable thing for me was the Time-Out. The game gets stopped all of a sudden and the team gathers around their trainer to receive some new strategy.
Can you think about life working this way? Just interrupt your everyday life, put your environment into pause-mode, look what’s going wrong and then continue again with a new perpective. Whow.
Maybe such Time-Outs are not only theory. As far as I understand I’m in a Time-Out at the moment. Time for analyzing what went wrong in the last few moves and time for sketching out a new strategy on a drawing board in my head. I’m not sure whether I have a new strategy now but at least I know that even life is beatable if it appears as an opponent from time to time. Oh - the referee gives me a sign - life will continue very soon.

Time-Out Instructions

Leading the Cheers

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