Sunday, January 22, 2006


I believe that everyone has a town or a place he has strong bindings with. A town one refers to as his city. For me it’s the city of my first job and my first apartment - Bayreuth.
Bayreuth was the center of my life for many years and most of my best remaining friends live in that area. Many places there are packed with very personal memories. Today I drove there for Brunch with one of the best ones. We had Brunch for more than 4 hours in Café Ponte. I really enjoyed talking without filter. Walking through some parks in Bayreuth with another good friend of mine afterwards was the next good thing of this Sunday. Very cold air, sunshine and the noise of dead frozen leafs beneath my feet. In summary the positive things were in majority this weekend. Not a bad sign, isn’t it? Music from Kate Bush massages my soul now.

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