Friday, January 13, 2006


Made some experiments while walking to my car after the work. Tried to create figures made of light by shaking the camera in front of illuminated objects. Although I guess I’ll have to practise a little bit more it’s at least a starting point.

The climbing session in an indoor climbing centre together with the bearded man raised the day to 6 out of 10.
[Revision of this blog 10min later: Raised the day to 7/10 because of a non-pathetic conversation that happened a few seconds ago].

Probably the next two posts to this blog will come not until sunday because I go to Weimar.

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  1. Try to shoot pictures when you're the co-driver, you're on a highway and it's night. I made some great pictures of highway signs (the blue ones and the ones that show the "Stau" signs when needed) using long time exposure.