Sunday, January 29, 2006

Railway Station

I think I already said that I like Railway Stations. Today I went to the Central Station in Nuremberg. Only to walk around and watch people pass by. I love to watch the travellers standing in the middle of the entrance hall and staring at the big display panel. In this moment most of the people look more or less lost. A few seconds later they usually switch back to Hurry-Up-Mode and ran away. I bet they don’t even know how weak they looked like 10 seconds ago.


...or only concentrated?

In those moments I love my old digital camera with it’s 10x optical zoom.


  1. ... welche Kurse und Seminare diese Frau wohl in ihrer Freizeit besucht ?

  2. Was diese Frau jetzt wohl macht ... - nach den Jhahren schon wieder ... Ich bin ein hoffnungloser Nostalgiker. - seufz -