Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Climbing with the Bearded Man. After a break of 3 weeks and I felt a little bit rusty. To my great surprise I managed to climb a route with difficulty 6+ without falling into the rope a single time. 6+ is almost nothing for a real climber and I only did I top rope but facing my humble skills I was really amazed. I felt like a giant afterwards. Apropos giant: Without being 1.86m tall I’d have no chance to reach the next grip. It was frustrating to see the wee girl climb the same route like a little spider.
I tried to use the high spirits of the moment and attacked a more difficult 7- route. Well, my body produced litres of adrenaline because I fell into the rope many times. I liked even that. Too bad that I’m not able to shoot pics and climb simultaneously.

The green handles were my personal 6+ route

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