Thursday, February 02, 2006

Any Time

Multi-continental-companies. There’s something special about it: Timezones. When your colleagues come to work your workday is almost over. Somtimes you need to get to collaborate quite close and the time shifted communication via eMail isn’t working. That are the moments for mails like “you can call me any time - even in the German night”. You’re glad if you counterpart gives you a call the late eve because you need to have some things finished. Wandering around in your apartment in your slippers, trying to concentrate because of you have to talk in english to your fellow in the U.S. and - and forget about your Pizza in the oven. That’s the difference between phone calls at the office and at your private apartment - you usually don’t cook in your office.
It ended up with a piece of charcoal. I ate it anyway. Sometimes life can be as hard as a charcoal pizza.

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