Thursday, February 23, 2006


Bathrooms are places of meditation. Really. They are even a little bit like Zen. Or like the Bauhaus dogma - “Form Follows Function”.
A bathroom is a place reduced to the absolute minimum. Usually you have naked walls only with tiles, no pictures, no little figures or furniture. In most cases you even keep your mouth shut while in the bathroom. That’s really special in our time when the whole world is in constant chatter.
Today I saw a very meditative bathroom. I liked the rolls of dedicated toilet paper - just like stones in a japanese stone garden. I haven’t seen any stone garden in real life but I imagine them similar to a Men’s bathroom.
Because I thought I was alone in there I dared to make some photos without fearing to be treated like a pervert. Well, I wasn’t alone. After my first pic with flashlight I heard very human noises from one booth. Shit! So now I’m the guy that is suspicious to shoot pics while peeing. Superb job, Kosmonaut - very well done. I left the bathroom immediately and have no idea whether my invisible buddy inside the booth was in a meditative mood or not.

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