Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Blinking Balls

My day was a blinking one.
For our booth at the European Congress of Radiology next week in Vienna my company ordered one thousand give-aways. Today we got them: several boxes with small rubber bouncing balls. Inside the balls is some electronic piece and as soon as you drop the ball a LED inside the ball starts to blink in red color for some seconds.
My colleague M74 and I had a great time to test the blinking feature. We used a dark corridor to throw the blinking balls at each other. Although they were flashing we were not able to catch the blinking balls in the darkness and it ended with a kind of mutual bombardement.
I really don’t know what happens when we give the balls to physicians or radiologists next week.


  1. You gave me a great idea, I buy many of these items and always looking for sth different, cool for my clients, I will look for them with suppliers!! Cel

  2. Im convinced of also radiologists loving these blinking balls. Who knows what they will turn on with them. A small boy who flashes in their interior is also in every radiologist. Jam