Friday, February 24, 2006

Flying Blinks

My colleague sn0wcat showed some jugglings with our red blinking balls. That balls are really a big thing. I made a very short video and I’m not able to keep it back from the world. You can download it [here] (7MB). You need the codecs for Xvid and MP3 to enjoy it.
I decided that I have to learn juggling, too. Sn0wcat provided some valuable tips and now I have to practise real hard. I’ll keep you posted.

I guess the D-Day of “Them” has already begun. On Friday I saw three of them. Imagine this: Three on a single day! Two seemed to be a couple. If they reproduce themselves fast I don’t know how to stop an invasion.

1 comment:

  1. Deine Affinität zu verlorenen Handschuhen ist einfach Klasse. Hast Du eigentlich schon eine Verlorene Handschuh-Serie in Deiner Galerie?

    Des excuses, moi n'ont pas à commenter d'envie en anglais !