Monday, February 27, 2006


A cake with little figures on top. Little lions playing football. Probably it’s that Goleo lion - the mascot of the Fifa World Cup in Germany. I don’t like mascots in general therefore Goleo had no real chance to enter my heart. But if you see it without emotions Goleo is a lion wearing a T-Shirt without any trousers. Would YOU trust Ronaldo dribbling without shorts? You know what I mean?
Well the figures on the cake were lions WITH shorts. Fake lions? I’m a little bit unsure what to think.
The cake was a donation of a colleague because of his birthday. I made the pics with the camera of my cellphone and forgot to fetch my piece of cake. I guess even a half naked lion has a higher IQ than me.

Goleo Cake - 9AM

Goleo Cake - 10AM


  1. Don´t know who´s IQ is higher: lions playing fut on top of a cake or a guy with a camera making up a whole story about lions without trousers. Muff you are on your way to be the next Walt Disney!!!!!

  2. A Ronaldo-dribbling without trousers, great idea :-)
    You made my day!