Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I really hate posters with messages that ain't obvious. And I can’t stand notes on lamp posts with messages I can’t read.
This one might have something to do with a party. The fragment looks like “Auf geht’s” which means something like “Let’s go”. “Let’s go to the party XY” for example.

But what if not?

What if the note said “Let’s go and wish your always moaning neighbour a good day”?
What if the message was “Let’s go to Goa, hang out on the beach and quit your stupid job that occupies you so many hours of your day?
What if someone wanted to say “Let’s undress, jump on one leg and bark like a dog”?

Bloody hell, I will never know because the paper was only a fragment. So I will ignore my neighbour as a did the last weeks, I will not quit my job but work overtime - and the barking-like-a-dog-thing? Well, maybe it’s better that the poster was unreadable.

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