Friday, February 03, 2006

Special Places

Actually I feel quite good today. I intended to post something that reflect my current positive mood. But then I decided to upload this picture because the scene impressed me on this afternoon. The pic was taken on a bridge over the Autobahn in Nuremberg.
In Germany there are sometimes little crosses on the roadside. They indicate places of a deathly traffic accident. Usually I drive past without noticing them. Today I walked over this bridge for the first time and got aware of that girdle of flowers and the red lantern. I’m sure that the next time I cross that bridge I’ll have forgotten about it.
For me it’s a simple bridge, nothing more.
I thought about the fact that some people won’t be able to cross that bridge without thinking about the loved one they lost here. I’m sure that they think of him or her every single time they drive past. The city must be overwhealmingly filled with such special places. Not necessarily places dealing with death. I’m talking about places that mean nothing for almost everyone but are very intensly for a few. I’ll never know about them.

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