Saturday, February 25, 2006


I went Geocaching with K2. We hunted a night cache including a 2 hour walk in the dark forest. I really love the forest at night. All noises of nature sound much more intensive when it’s dark. We found the hidden treasure and I fetched a souvenir in the forest for my apartment. It has a wonderful scent of wood.
I counted the annual rings of the tree and found out that it was born in 1955. I noticed that the rings were much thinner in the last 10 years.
I’m curious on how I will see the annual ring for my personal year 2006 in some decades. Will I say “Well, 2006 was a very fat year”? Unfortunately one can count the annual rings of a tree not until it is cut down. If it is the same on human annual rings I do my life without that counting thing.


  1. Hi Udo.
    habe auch mal wieder ne seite ins netz gestellt.
    holz, winter, wald, natur.
    drum der link

    kennst Du die pics schon,
    wenn dann kann ich mich nicht erinnern, sie Dir gezeigt zu haben ...

    ciao, N.

  2. Hi DD,
    schöne Bilder und schöne Gedanken dazu.
    Du hattest mir die Pics vor einigen Jahren schon mal gezeigt. Freut mich, dass sie jetzt auch die ganze Welt sehen kann.