Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fat Lotte

Today an old dream came true. I thought about buying a SLR camera since the photographing class in school many years ago.
Now the time was ripe and I ordered a digital SLR camera - a Canon EOS 350D. My colleague CHK has the same one and he calls his the “Fette Lotte” which means the “fat lotte”. Lotte is an old fashioned female name. I liked the name so I simply adapted it for my EOS.
I can tell you I’m really edgy and I’m curious on how my way of photographing will change in the future. My small camera won’t get retired though because it’s small enough for having it with me all the time and it’s much better for very close macros.
But I’m sure that I will experiment a lot with the Fat Lotte the next days and weeks.

1 comment:

  1. Finally!!! Hurray!! Good luck with the new camera. The supportive fan club!!