Friday, March 31, 2006


Found this word sprayed on a window sill in the middle of the town. “Fühle” is the German word for “feel” in terms of an order.
It was made sprayed using a kind of stencil and I suspect the creator made such a template because he intended to spray the word more than one time.
I stumbled across the image a few minutes ago while browsing through my recent pics.
Feel! Someone unknown asked me to feel. Strange.
No idea was the primary intention of the creator was.
Because I can’t remember something special on the window sill to feel I take it as an more generic order for my life.
At the moment I try to analyze what I feel. I’m a little bit puzzled these days so it’s hard work I can tell you.

I’m sure that my world is full of such hidden orders - or lets call them ‘advices’ - I just have to open my damned eyes and look more careful.

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  1. I like the two points on top Of the U , i don't know how to pronounce it but after reading the explanation Of the word gives me the idea of even a more powerful order to start feeling right now