Saturday, March 18, 2006


I’m surrounded with little technical gadgets. Several cell phones, several digital cameras, PDA, GPS device, wireless telephone etc.
Yes, sometimes they make my life more convenient.
But what I really hate about it is the recharging issue. Every device comes with an own proprietary recharger. I constantly mix them up. Why do we have organizations like ISO when we are not able to build uniform recharging units? I mean, that’s really ridiculous.
That rubbish sucks out my nerves and my energy. I’d like to have some internal recharging for my brain.
...Well, I’m not sure whether I have an standardized recharger for myself.
Ok, I’ll be quiet now. Did you hear me saying something? No? Good.

This one is from the city of Bayreuth. Inside my old favorite italian restaurant. Italian - got it? Probably the Mafia is part of the glove conspiracy.

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