Sunday, March 12, 2006

Searches and Sales

Exploring the black boards in some super markets. One can find strange things on that boards.
Sometimes the postings are so different that it’s real weird.
I found a posting from a guy that gives away horse dung. All he wants is a small donation. That means he tries to make money out of shit. Amazing.

Making money out of piles of shit.

My other favorite was a person searching for a girl named Kerstin. He (or she?) met her at a carnival party and all he (or she?) seems to know is her name.
Whow - how romantic. Just like in one of my favorite movies “Amelie from Montmartre” aka “Die fabelhafte Welt der Amelie”.
To be honest: I think all he (or she?) will get is some phone calls from insurance agents trying to sell him (or her?) some stuff. If he (or she?) is very lucky, the name of wife of the agent is Kerstin.

Searching for Kerstin, long dark hair, 160cm tall

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