Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sun Spots

To prevent me from sleeping late I didn’t close the jalousie last night. My reward was being waken by a small spot of sun on my face. A few minutes later my blanket was covered with bright spots. I was delighted about this perfect start into a sunny day.

While walking through the city I noticed that I no longer pace from A to B like a frozen maniac as I did in the last months. Rather I strolled very slowly and enjoyed the brightness. I guess that sun slows down life in some cases.

After several months of darkness and coldness the first sunny day made life flowing through my mind with a much higher intensity that it was used to.

I even dared to have my first breakfast this year on my balcony - even wearing that stupid big sun glasses I got as a birthday present some years ago. Unfortunately I was alone.

And finally I had my first ice cream after the winter from the smiling italian guy nearby. His place was crowded with people in winter parkas licking ice cream. It seemed as if I wasn’t the only one feeling the sun flooding the brain.

Places like California or Mexico might be great because the sun is always shining but a californian will never know how it is to feel the first sunny day after a long cold winter. I really pity that people.

Sun Spots on my Bed

First Post-Winter-Breakfast on my Balcony

The crowded Ice Cream booth in my Village.


  1. Dear Kosmonaut, I think, its very courageously from you to inform the world, that you divide your bed with a yellow elephant. (in an subtle manner, of course)

  2. jajaja, I can´t stop laughing at the comment about the elephant, for me that´s too sweet. In my opinion you do have courage to wear those sun glasses. The fan club doesn´t agree ;)