Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Valuable Women

Ladies and Gentlemen have to be kept separated in some cases. Well, the hormons, you know?
It’s funny to get aware that life often can be reduced to hormons.
I saw that two cages with guinea pigs in an do-it-yourself store. They had a glass panel between the apartments for boys and girls. Girls on the left, boys on the right.
Imagine that you are a guinea pig. You sit in your cage and the love of your life is only a few centimetres away but absolutely unreachable for you. All you can do it sitting next to the glass plane and watch her munching a carrot. Probably she doesn’t even know that you are in love with her. The best thing that could happen to you is when some stupid man buys you and .... her.
Well, that’s not likely.

Beside the glass plane I noticed a very interesting fact: Women seem to be more valuable than men.

“Guinea Pigs - Female 19,99 Euros” / “Guinea Pigs - Male, 14,99 Euros”

Today I found the hatchery of “Them”. It looked like a damn glove army. I tell you something: mankind will never surrender.

Shit, I missed the posting deadline for Monday for 2 minutes. It’s already Tuesday. Now I go to bed frustrated.

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  1. wow, this is getting too dangerous, we have to doo something...