Wednesday, March 15, 2006


We use our whiteboards a lot in the office. Most of the time the are filled with strange arrows in multiple colors, boxes and cryptic abbreviations.
Usually I make a picture of it after a meeting to make it easier to remember things.
Actually I think this is not very helpful. Our scribblings ar so cryptic that not even I would be able to remember what it was for after a few days.
I would need some spoken explanations about the drawings - drawings that were supposed to explain spoken things. Crazy.
A few decades ago our todays drawing would have been perfect as a attack strategy of the red army for their invasion of Western Europe.

Cold War Attack Strategy?

Sometimes even our technical sketches are cute and kind of sexy. Today my boss tried to draw an overview of a pieces of software showing its surrounding components. Well, for me it looks like the head of a female robot with pin curlers on its head. I am right, ain’t I?

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