Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sorrow Pin Boards

Although I’m not religious I like churches. I enjoy the huge spaces “wasted” for a reason that one can’t grab.
The silence, the shadows in the corners and the pure dignity of that buildings seems to be a good thing.
I walked around in Nuremberg the whole Saturday afternoon to get some things sorted in my head. A church called Sebalduskirche was the place were I spent a long time to make some photos and to experiment with my old tripod.
I’m not very satisfied with the results but it was good to have something to be concentrated on without being disturbed by the loud world.
The image in the middle shows a kind of pin board. It was filled with little notes of people. The wrote down whats going wrong in their life and what they ask god for.
No idea whether god responded but like the idea of pinning sorrows to a board to get rid of them.

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