Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Swollen Passports

Tomorrow the travelling season starts. I’m about to begin with 10 days Scuba-Diving in Egypt then 1 day back in Germany then 6 days on a business trip to USA (my very first one, hey hey).
This means that I won’t be able to post new pictures in the next 2 weeks. Too bad. I hope you will visit my blog, though.

But we’ll see. Maybe I will not enter Egypt or the US because of my passport. After the last journey it visited my washing machine by accident. Now it is a little bit, let’s say - swollen.
I know that especially the clerks at the US customs are more than accurate with passports.

“Sir, unfortunately you are not able to enter the United States of America. Your passport it swollen. I ask you to leave immediately”

Swollen Passport

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  1. If you are not allowed to enter US just jump into MX :) The fan club will rescue you.