Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Today I bough strange things at the supermarket. They had a special sale for fishing equipment. This is odd enough because fishing is not very popular here and one even needs a license to go fishing. Who the hell is supposed to buy that stuff?
I saw a set of lures in form of plastic fishes. A very strange sight in a supermarket beside food and clothes. I was not able to resist and bought the set. It’s called “Wobbler Set” and I have no idea what a Wobbler is.
This was by far the most useless thing I bought in the last months. I don’t go fishing and I don’t eat fish at all.
Sometimes a real man has to buy useless things and I bought the Wobbler Set because it’s so futile for me.
Maybe I create a mobile out of the fishes - but I have to be careful, the hooks are very pointy.

What was YOUR most useless purchase? Or am I the only one buying useless things on purpose?

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