Friday, June 09, 2006

Call of the Mountain

My favorite public party is the Bergkirchweih in the city of Erlangen - just a few kilometres from my home.
It happens in a forest on a hill (called “Der Berg” = The Mountain) with old beer cellars and tables beneath the trees. A lot of bands are playing and the folks are partying like hell.
I went there with my colleagues and we had a really great time. Into the bargain it was the first warm evening after several weeks of rain - perfect timing.
Der Berg is one of the few events that makes my voice struggle the next day. If the spirit is good it’s mandatory to stand and jump on the benches and tables later in the evening and to join the band in singing as loud as you can.
OK, some of my colleagues were a little bit drunk and therefore switched to singing mode automatically. For me as a non-alcoholic-guy it’s not that easy and I need perfect conditions to let go.
Well, it worked well.
On the Bergkirchweih the beer is served in big stone mugs called “Masskrug”. This fact enables me to have my own mug with a soft drink without looking uncool - hehehe.
Hmm, this is the second event after Rock im Park in one week where I write about alcohol. I wonder how a stranger would see such parties. Are Germans supposed to booze that much?
I guess the image of Bavaria is that way - more or less. And what am I doing against that image? Nothing but hiding my non alcoholic drink in a stein. Call me chicken.
If Bavaria is reduced to the freaking Oktoberfest in Munich I’d like every stranger to visit the Bergkirchweih for a change. Even I love it.

A woman selling gingerbread-hearts. Do they exist only in Germany?


  1. "some of my colleagues were a little bit drunk" understatement maybe? :))
    I also have to agree - I'd take the Berg over the Oktoberfest any time! I'm also looking forward to the Annafest in Forchheim next month ;)

  2. great beer-mug-pic ;o) - 5 days BERG and money is gone...but that´s it ;o)

    we´re looking forward to annafest too, cause it´s a few kilometres further and you can sleep near havannabar well again ;o)

    Saxi, ER

  3. "a little bit drunk" ...yeah right ;-)