Friday, June 09, 2006

Cheeky Flags

No, I’m not able to write the posting of that day without mentioning the start of the World Cup.
I watched the game Germany vs. Costa Rica at Adidas in Herzogenaurach which is the worldwide headquarter. A big screen, a place to sit, not too many people, good vibes and three colors: black, red and gold.
It’s not as common as e.g. in the US to show the national flag. Patriotism is kind of difficult in Germany since all the shit with the Nazis and that reluctance is a good thing from my point of view. Although Germany is the country I want to live in, I guess I’m not very patriotic. Nevertheless I’m amazed whenever I see our colors shown by a lot of people.
Today I noted a special relationship between the German colors and cheeks. I saw dozens of small flags painted on the faces of the crowd and I hope I can shoot many more colored cheeks in the next weeks.

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