Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fake Punks

In general I like Punks - although I don’t give them any coins when they try to bum for money. Simply I’m not a real fan of the drunken, smelly sort of Punks.
Today I saw a group of strange exemplars of No-Future-Followers. They were very young, the girls had perfect Make-Up, their clothes looked like new stuff from a Punk mail order catalogue and they were not smelly - quite the contrary.
The hardest thing for me was that they didn’t bum for money - in fact they owned a digital camera. By the way, that’s why they don’t look in my camera on the picture. They gave the camera to a passer-by and asked him to shoot them.
It’s hard for me to stick to my basic principles of how the world works if one can’t rely on anything - not even on smelly folks with mohawk haircuts.

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  1. Is it now a law that you have to give up bathing and makeup to listen to fast music and like dying your hair?