Monday, June 19, 2006

Water Streets

A short rain on a hot summer day.
I love the smell of evaporizing rain water on asphalt heated by the sun.
A few hours after the rain I realized why I love this smell so much: It reminds me on my childhood.
In grew up in a small village. There was a very small well nearby in the middle of an tiny asphalted square. In the summer we often played around that well. I can remember that on hot days it was almost impossible to reach the well because we walked around bare foot all day and the streets were incredibly hot. As soon as we conquered the well, we created a track of water on the deserted street to be able to walk around. The water got warm within seconds and vanished within minutes. And it disappeared with exactly the same smell like my nose detected today. I just missed to put out my shoes and to walk around on a water street.
Although my childhood is gone I will look whether the old well is still there when I visit my village the next time. I’ll let you know.

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