Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Soccer Back

The Soccer World Cup starts in 3 days. Although I don’t care about football in general I look forward to this tournament.
One is surrounded by soccer everywhere in Germany these days. OK, I can understand this - the event is in Germany, so it is a big thing, indeed.
I can stand a lot. I can stand chocolate bars as official meal of the national team, I can stand a kick-off presented by a brewery and I can stand the grinning face of our national soccer hero Franz Beckenbauer making awful advertisements for a mobile phone provider.

But today I got the last straw regarding soccer and commercial overkill.

I went to the supermarket to buy toilet paper. Back at home I discovered some little comic soccer players on the cover. Bloody hell, it’s simply toilet paper!
What do they expect? Am I supposed to buy this freaking stuff because the printed a ball, a goal and little blue morons on it?
If there is such a thing like a limit, commerce extravagated it today. I’m pissed.
And now may the World Cup begin.

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