Sunday, July 02, 2006

Wedding Sunday

I think that this Sunday is a good day for wedding. It has to. I walked through Nuremberg a few hours ago and I saw at least 5 bachelor- respectively bachelorette-parties. Usually one can see one every two months during the summer. I don’t know why the whole world intents to marry today. The groups seemed to have a great time - even without soccer.
Of course they forced me to buy condoms (I did) and to drink some Vodka (I didn’t). The good thing was that after the first group I didn’t need to buy new condoms. I simply exchanged the existing one for a new one.
Girls are far more creative in celebrating such a farewell party than boy. The latter usually go to a strip bar and try to get drunk as fast as possible. The male groups of today were above average. But I have to admit that I liked the girls with the pink hair a little bit more.
In all cases I tried to study the faces of the bride respectively the groom very carefully to find out whether they look happy. To be honest, all of them looked a little bit embarred because their friends forced them to wear silly clothes and to do stupid things.
Getting married would be a very big thing for me and I guess I wouldn’t be able to cruise through the city the night before the celebration. Well, this kind of thoughts are very theoretically at the moment anyway.

“A last day in liberty”

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