Tuesday, August 22, 2006


The laziness of the previous posting has impact on this one, too.
During my vacation I was too lazy to shave. Therefore after two weeks I ended up with a lot of itching spikes in my face. It’s beyond my imagination how the bearded men can survive without constantly scraping their faces bloody. Yesterday I ended the experiment with a long shaving session. I thought that this would be a good idea for a prior/after comparison, so I shot some photos. My intermediate step was that kind of beard around the mouth - no idea whether it has a distinct name. For me that kind of beard reminds me of insurance salesmen. Not my thing. Too bad that I forgot to make another stopover with a only a mustache - like a german policeman or a porn star. Too late, now I’m face-naked again.

Aehm, the pics look a little bit awkward and blurry but this is because it’s always hard for me to make photos of myself in front of the bathroom mirror. I’m not able to smile to myself.

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  1. Naja, villeicht schafft du es nicht dir selbst zuzulächeln...ich hab jedoch Tränen gelacht ob der Bilderstrecke...Herrlich! Back to reality