Saturday, August 05, 2006

Office Butterfly

I had an appointment in one of our meeting rooms. The most special thing about it was that I was a life saver. I arrived a few minutes early and that gave me the chance to free a butterfly frantically trying to get out again. Of course it had to pay the price - one photo with my cell phone camera.
Amazing that one can find spots of color even in the most boring places - like meeting rooms.

The meeting afterwards was kind of ok. I forget whether we decided something or not. But I walked out of the meeting room with the great feeling to have saved a life. More than a good result for a meeting in my humble opinion.

1 comment:

  1. I was searching for a stick figure image, holding a heart to send to a friend of mine overseas, when google brought up your traffic men gummi picture. Something about it caught my eye, and I decided to check your page. The further I read the more spellbound I have become with our photography, I think you have a new reader in me. I was wondering though if you woul mind if I printed a cop of your butterfly for my wall.....