Monday, August 07, 2006

Road Trip Germany, Part I / Start Your Engines

I have more than 2 weeks off now. Tomorrow I’ll start on a kind of Road Trip through Germany.
Usually I travel to other continents and I barely know my own country.
The plan is to travel by car like a foreign tourist. I’ll use the english Lonely Planet guide book to learn how tourists from other get to know Germany.
There’s no fixed schedule but only a pool of possible places to visit. It will be the first vacation on my own so I have no idea whether I’ll like travelling alone or not. In worst case I get frustrated and will be back after two days. I best case I learn to see Germany from a different point of view and meet a lot of interesting people on the road.
Probably I wont be able to write new postings in the next days while on the road (except I find wireless access). But I try to note as much as I can to be able to publish some impressions when I’m back.

So folks, stay tuned until next week.

A few years ago I wrote a motto to a friend. It’s appropriate again.
“Be your own bullzozer on the highway of your life”

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  1. hej. your journey will perhaps lead you to one of our favourites places in Germany: Cafe im Hof, Burg auf der Insel Fehmarn. Try one of their great pies, enjoy real black tea and spend your afternoon at Lemkenhafen, observing all those colourful kite surfers!