Monday, September 18, 2006


Almost every small kid I know has a favorite cuddly toy. Mostly the figures look a little bit filthy because the kids don’t spend a single minute without them.
I spend the last minutes thinking about the favorite stuffed animal of my childhood but I don’t remember anything. It’s a pity that we have so little memory of the first years of our lifes. Actually they must have been the most intense years of our whole lifes because all we have seen or smelled or heard we experienced for the very first time.
A few years ago I read the saying “Childhood is to valuable to waste it to childs”. How true.

I found this cuddly chicken beside the sidewalk and I’m sure that it was the favorite toy of some kid. Hopefully the child that has lost it will forget about it soon. I thought about taking it but then I decided to leave it. Maybe the chicken will return to its kid.

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