Sunday, September 03, 2006

Old Milk

Today I explored an industrial ruin in Nuremberg that is on my list for years. It’s an old dairy plant in the middle of the city but covered behind trees. The only reason I noticed it some years ago was because it’s near the railroad and I saw it from the train. The big fence around the area made it kind of difficult to get inside but I saw that there’s a lot of Graffiti on the buildings so there has to be a secret entrance. Well, I finally found it, but it was tough this time.
Sneaking through old factory halls, climbing dark stairways covered with debris and smelling old rotten machines - amazing. Every time you step on shards it makes a big noise and you instantly stop and listen whether someone noticed you.
The Fat Lotte with mounted flash and tripod made it not easier to climb through the buildings. Into the bargain some of the stairs were missing. But on the other hand, being on a secret mission with a lot of equipment makes it even more interesting.
My love for dead buildings sometimes seems odd to me. I hope it’s not a mental defect.

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  1. I promised to comment so....
    I completely agree with the love of exploring abandoned buildings - once I even had the change to explore an old gold mine and some of a "ghost town" in Colorado - where you could still imagine how grand the old hotel was - boarded up now but you can still see the faded red velvet wallpaper on the walls. We always "let ourselves into" new construction as well, much less interesting as you're making up future stories rather than trying to guess past ones.
    So - unless we both have the same defect...

  2. Hope, that I can be at your side, at the next 'DigiPirsch'.
    I'am a bit jealous ... :)


  3. Jetzt fange ich auch schon an, auf englisch zu schreiben, tz tz.

    Coole Bilder! Ich wäre echt gern dabei gewesen.