Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Zucchini is one of the most dispensable vegetables for me. It’s not only that it tastes like nothing. Its because it looks so impressive and taste like nothing.
It grows like hell and if ain’t careful it becomes bigger than desired.
The world is full of Zucchini-guys. Trying to grow big, looking impressive and lacking any taste, though.

A colleague gave me a monster of a Zucchini and and a recipe for Zucchini soup. I hope I’ll like it. It’s the last chance for those green things.


  1. WIE? Du magst mein Lieblingsgemuese nicht? Wenn Du vorbei kommst mach ich dir Zuccini - Puffer. Das ist richtig lecker - und gar nicht geschmacklos und aufgeblasen. Oder versuch die Maggi Zuchini Pfanne. Richtig lecker!

  2. In a conversation with a chemist about your Zucchini Problem it came out that the zucchini is useful yet. It acts as a flavor potentiator for all other vegetable.
    For example you can create a lot of few spinach without the taste "diluting" itself. (by the way spinach is not so ferreous as one always thought - the scientists mistook in the decimal place)