Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blogtopsites - 78

I‘m really excited. A few minutes ago I noticed that my Blog is in the Top 100 Photo Blogs on A few months ago I listed my Blog there and added that little blue graphic to the navigation bar on the right side of my site. Usually the little white area at the left hand side of the graphic is just white. As soon as a Blog is ranked 99 or higher the graphic displays a little number.
This week I’m rank 78 out of 1119 Photo Blogs. I know that’s just a temporarily thing and tomorrow the little number will be gone again. But there was at least that one day in November with 78.

Is kind of weird to notice that people I don’t even know click to my photos.

I want to thank all friends that visit my little site frequently. It’s great to share thoughts with you. You know who you are.

How does the ranking work according to Blogtopsites?
“Ranking of pages is done according to the number of unique visits each blog receives every week. Advanced anti-cheating measures are undertaken along with manual checking to ensure no cheating occurs.”

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