Sunday, November 05, 2006


Yesterday, while watching a DJ at work it came to my mind that DJing has a lot of things in common with life in general. Well, actually I’d wish that some DJ techniques would work for my life, too.
The task of the DJ is to create an continuous groove. No pauses, no breaks, no dissonances.
He has to be able to listen to the current song and in parallel to the track he wants to play next.
I think it’s damn difficult in normal life to listen to the current and to the next chapter in parallel. It’s even more challenging to make the transition between two phases of life smooth and to not loose the groove.
Probably it’s necessary that sometimes there is no smooth transition but a harsh break. Otherwise you would’t notice that you reached the next chapter of your life.
Actually it can be more than enough to enjoy the single tracks and don’t care about the transition phase.
But what to do if there’s no appropriate next track? Well, then you have to play a completely different style - or pause for a while and relish the silence.

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