Friday, November 17, 2006

Useless Things Competition

Today the area around our office was very crowded. The reason was that a supermarket had a factory outlet sale of very cheap things.
I forced some of my colleagues to go there during our lunch break and to make a "Useless Things Competition". The winner would be the person buying the most useless thing. It was great fun to observe the stuff there searching for obsolete objects because almost everything seemed to useless. It's crazy to see how ridiculous most things are if you look at them from such a perpective.
I found a "Soap Bubble Sword" for making giant bubbles, my co-workers bought mini blow-dryers, horoscope stones, a finger scooter and a glass stone thing.
Afterwards we had a kind of commitee for finding the winner.
My bubble sword was way to useful (therefore I lost) and we sent giant bubbles from the 2nd floor down to the road forcing the cars to brake (at least a little bit). I can't remember the last time I made soap bubbles.
DMX won the competition with a stupid glass ball because we had no idea what it was for.
I wonder whether all the folks at the sale bought their stuff for similar reasons - I hope so because otherwise my outlook for mankind would be very dark.

The Competitors

The Winner

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  1. Bei diesem Glaskugelding muss es sich (wenn es schwer ist) um einen Sternenbeschwerer handeln. Kosmonauten können ihn mit einem Nervenstrang an einem Stern befestigen und ihn damit vom Himmel holen. Somit wäre dieses Ding absolut nütze...