Sunday, December 24, 2006

Santa Bubble Massacre

Today is like thousands of bubbles hovering down from heaven. Each one is filled with a small Santa wearing a funny red hat. As soon as a bubble touches the ground it bursts and the small Santa screams "Merry Christmas".
But then two hooded Al-Quaida Terrorists appear and the brutal noise of their Kalashnikov machine guns cut the silence as they fire salvo after salvo on the bubbles. Luckily the five Humvees clear the scene with a few small explosions.
Very peaceful, indeed.
I don't want to disturb your peacful Christmas but our stupid world isn't peaceful. Far from that.

Oh, I forget to say that all bubbles have dissappeared.


  1. My God! the Grinch must have written the last two postings :)

  2. It's really for the best, those Santas probably had weapons of mass destruction if Al Qaeda was attacking them, right?