Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cowboy Country Sayings

"Man bleibt länger obenauf, setzt man sich auf den Sattelknauf."

This pictures are out of a calendar I made as a birthday present for my sister. It's my kind of revenge because she sometimes gives old fashioned calendars with boring country sayings as Christmas present - at least not for me. My idea was to create a calendar with Wild West Country sayings for every month. Therefore I rhymed some sayings and shot photos. As models I used small plastic figures I got from her some weeks ago. A great first test for my new macro lens.
I'm not going to translate the phrases because it's nearly impossible.

"Hat der Cowboy Schmerz beim Bücken, hat er vielleicht 'nen Pfeil im Rücken"

"Sucht der Indianer was zum Pimpern, tuts auch mal ein Pferdehintern" (by Sance)

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  1. This is SO funny. And a very good idea as a present...