Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Fridge Week - Wednesday

Do you think this is a boring frigde image or even a fake? It is not.
This photo solves one of the common questions of civilation:

Does the light in the frigde is automatically switched off as soon as one closes the door?

I tested it by putting my cam in the frige with the self-timer activated and closed the door.
Well, it seems like there is indeed darkness.
Good to know, isn't it?

How do you know whether the black rectangle is really a photo from the inside of my fridge? You just have to believe me. I made the same photo again with activated flash but I'm not going to post it because it's boring (only jam glasses on it).


  1. I can remember myself trying to find this out as a kid, good one!!

  2. You are my hero now! Please solve the mystery of PI and primes next. MrOrange