Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Memory Void

Today I visited the Jewish Museum in Berlin. It was on my list since several years. Stupidly I mixed up the opening hours. I went there at 19:00 and expected having time until 22:00. Therefore I chose my default museum slow motion walk and was very annoyed as the guards kicked me out at 20:00 after only one hour. I have to come back soon because I've seen only a part of the collection yet.
The building is very special, too. It's created by Daniel Libeskind and I liked it very much. There doesn't seem to be rectancular spaces.
The room that impressed me much was called "Memory Void". An almost empty three stories high room with bare concrete walls. The floor was covered with thick round steel plates in the shape of crying people. The plates made a scary clanking noise while the visitors stepped on them.
Memory Void was dedicated not only the victims of the Shoa but to all victims of war and cruelty.

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