Monday, January 29, 2007

Visit the World

Just a quick posting:
There's a nice little website where you can create a map of the world where all countries you've already been to are marked.
Cool idea, isn't it?
I realized that I know almost nothing about the world. The 22 countries I visited so far are only 9% of all countries.

Here is my map:

create your own visited countries map


  1. It strikes me that every time I show an exotic place on my office desktop screensaver somebody from the office comes by and says "Hey, I know that, I was there 'couple of years ago!". That is humiliating because man, I never get there but scan those images in from photo books! I assume that if I scanned in the most beautiful women fellas would come by and just say "Ah, you've been with her too?"

    (Dr. Mabuse you know who)

  2. Try it!
    I'm pretty sure that most of your colleagues would prefer a screensaver with nice girls to photos of landscapes.