Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cosy Vegetables

A hike through Nuremberg on a rainy Saturday afternoon.
As always it was already too dark to shoot photos of people. That absence of light is what I hate most about the winter.
Nevertheless I strolled through the city. It was almost dark when I walked across the main market square.
The square was more or less abandoned. Only a few market stands were trying to sell their last vegetables.
The selling booth on the photo looked like an island of light lost in the middle of a dark cold evening. For a moment it seemed to be the most cosy place in sight. A good place to be if you're a tomato or a salad.

Oh, by the way: The church in the background is called "Frauenkirche" ("Church of our Lady"). Every year in advent a girl dressed like a tinsel angel steps on the balcony of the church and opens the world famous Christmas market called "Christkindelmarkt" by speaking some ceremonial words. I guess I'll write a few more words about a detail on that church in a separate posting.

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  1. Know Im feeling really homesick. Miss that melancholic feeling of early Nurembergs winter nights. Sad to say, but I discovered NBGs beauty pretty late......