Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Inflator Beer

What's the big deal about that wheat beer thing?
In Bavaria it's very popular to drink wheat beer out of this special glasses.
It's unbelievable difficult for me to fill the bottle into the glass. If you hold the glass wrong you end up only with white foam that wouldn't dissappear for ages.
You drink a few mouthful and you can literally feel how your belly inflates because of the yeast and all the sparkling gas in it. It's been a long while since my last wheat beer but I didn't like feeling like a balloon.
Probably it's a masculine thing to hang around with those playmate shaped glasses and inflated bellies and all the procedures to get the stuff out of your body again. OK, I have to admit, it sounds cool to order just a "Weizen" ("wheat") or even cooler a "Hefe" ("yeast").
Well, I'll stick to my water, Coke or hot lemon stuff, be uncool and avoid killing more brain cells than necessary.

Does this kind of beer exist outside of Bavaria (or let's see the German speaking countris), too? Any hints appreciated.


  1. Yes, this kind of beer exists in Iceland. But only a few bottles for the German imigrants. You can order it in two bars. It´s the good old "Erdinger".

  2. Really, the cool kind to drink this beer it’s very popular elsewhere, too. At our institute it’s courteously to drink wheat beer, to be able to pour it correctly and distinguish between good and bad wheat. Erdinger is most popular, Paulaner is a matter of taste and one you can not drink at all is Schoefferhofer.
    How do you pour a wheat really really correctly without wasting the valuable contents ones don’t know in fact. After one let run about 4/5 slowly into the glass, that one in an almost horizontal way holds, one must deposit the bottle with the remaining content onto the table, roll a few times back and forth and pour then the last sip with swing into the glass. Furthermore one clinks with a wheat beer on the bottom and not at the glass edge.

  3. There is also the sort of "Kristallweizen" that doesn't have yeast in it. I don't know if that is known outside bavaria. At least in Australia they know a Weizen, you can order it in the "Löwenbräu" in Sydney ( I drank a dark beer there instead ("a Dunkles").

    The trick to pour beer in general is that the glass is washed out before filling in. That way not that many foam is produced while pouring. And you should look that the air can return freely into the bottle. If you keep the bottle too steep, the bubbles that occur produce the foam you get then. Another trick is to keep the bottle opening to the inner side of the glass so no "splashing" can occur while pouring.

  4. Hefeweizen beer is giving germans a good name all over the world...perhaps your best export. But not only do you export the beer, on occasion you have exported actual german people to teach us the fine art of pouring this national treasure; somewhere I actually hold a certificate for this skill learned while working in a pub in london. I only wish someday we americans could export something so valuable....

  5. It is kind of a trend in California now days. I was at a restaurant today and noticed that everyone was drinking it.

  6. A landlord once told me that in the gastronomy they use a special dishwashing liquid for the glasses to reduce the foam. Hm - hope I did not spoil the pleasure for you..

    Dr. Mabuse