Monday, February 19, 2007

Not Funny

Today is Carnival Monday and I realized that I'm not a fun guy. Not at all.
Carnival in my region means

  • Carnival people are organized in clubs with constitution and managing committee

  • The main parties are called "Prunksitzung" (= pomp conference)

  • The party people wear uniforms (not kidding) during these conferences

  • On stage of these conferences they have desks for the management like on the annual general meeting of a big company

  • One of the highlights of such an event is the dance of the guard girls wearing a kind of uniforms and short skirts

  • Second highlight is a ballet dance of men dressed like girls - every year.

  • After each joke the speaker tries to make the band make a "tata tata tata" noise to indicate that this was supposed to be funny.

Why the hell do people think they have to be funny only because the calendar says so. And why is it funny to wear a stupid paper hat?

It seems like I missed something but I prefer to stay angry and not funny.


  1. Hey! You can dress as Superman, Firefighter or Clown. Choose your own childhood dream and ENJOY instead of complaining, when everybody is "funny". In fact, this is the better option, when deciding between suit & graveness and stupid hats & laughter ...
    MrOrange (=one of the funny guys)

  2. C'mon! Thats Germany at its best! You have nowhere in the world something linke this! Imaging all those fat guys wearing dresses like in Brazil...brrr..... And in the end: it makes Germany a little bit more colourful! So dont be that grumpy guy!

  3. I´m with you half the way friend, I wouldn´t like to wear a stupid custom in the street, though I wouldn´t feel angry about a Carnival. I would enjoy the party around, but just for a little while.