Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pawlow Gummi Bear Lunch

During the whole lunch my colleagues talked about Gummi Bears. No idea why. But all of a sudden I could almost smell Gummi Bears in my mouth. I didn't care about my vegetarian lasagne in front of me any longer. Only Gummi Bears counted.
On my way back to the office I stopped by an fuel station and bought a can of Red Bull. For me it smells like liquid Gummi Bears. Ice cold Gummi Bears. Absolutely delicious.
It was not that easy to deal with all the caffein in my blood during the afternoon but it was worth it.
Do you know the Pawlow dog? A scientist named Pawlow made experiments with a dog in the early 20th century. He rang a bell and fed the dog afterwards. After a few days the dog started to dribble only by the sound of the bell.

I felt a little bit like that dog. Someone speaks of Gummi Bears and I dribble for Red Bull. What kind of a human am I?

I already wrote about Red Bull in last October. My life goes in circles, doesn't it?


  1. ..but Pawlow created also a possibility to get rid of this ..
    the elimination is known as wishes you know i like your blog* Stefanie-riqueza*

  2. And you also talked about gummie candies before "Ampelmännchen” in august 23rd

  3. A have the same problem with this TV-spot of "Dr.Oetkers heiße Tasse". It´s a kind of fastfood blancmange. If I see this spot I run into my kitchen and must cook choko blancmange. But not the same product! This tastes horrible!