Monday, February 12, 2007

Perfume Music

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A street musician in front of a perfume store.
The mixture of decadent luxury and street musicians playing for a few coins looked very absurd to me.
The guy played wonderful music but he looked like out of this material world - like black and white in a colored perfume world.
Sometimes our civilization is kind of pervert, isn't it?

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I loved to look at his little sticks. They danced like hell on his instrument (no idea what it is called). His play reminded me on the flying piano fingers I told you about a few weeks ago (here is the posting I'm speaking of).


  1. Beautiful photos. I like the black & white effect.

    Saw Lady

  2. check out this analogy on the keys...
    (2:25 minutes into it, almost funny)
    she plays every valentine's day - very 'sweet'