Friday, February 16, 2007

Silk and Stars

A short term invitation to a Jazz concert. Me and Jazz? I was a little bit reluctant because the last time I listened to Live Jazz it was in a church and some folks played strange Free-Jazz sounds on the church organ. My ears were not used to it and therefore I didn't like it much.
This time it was completely different.
The band "Seide" (= "Silk") from Nuremberg played smooth stuff and the voice of the 23 year old singer/composer Sabine Müller was absolutely stunning - and I mean really stunning.
The location was also very special. The gig happened at the planetarium in Nuremberg.
Imagine an almost dark round room, you lean back in a cushioned chair and listen to that beautiful voice and above you there is a black night sky with thousands of stars created by a projector that looked like an alien robot.
Well, actually I'm supposed to declarate this as very kitschy. But this time I found myself sitting there with a big grin on my face because I loved every second.
The best thing was that I had my starry sky experience while it was raining outside.

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