Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stone View

Whenever you look through a window or an opening in general you get only a part of the world behind. The reality is restricted to the small view port of the window. All things outside your view doesn't matter .
For me it's similar to shooting photos and looking through the camera's eye.
I'm not sure yet whether it's good or bad to look at the world that way.
On the one hand you concentrate on very few things by clipping out all the visual "noise" around. On the other hand it's hard to understand the big picture if you only look at details.
Hm, I guess I stick on concentrating on the spot view - I'm not very good in understanding the whole story about life.
Although - at least I could try to widen my view whenever I see something interesting to find out whether the big picture is as fascinating as the detail.

The photo was shot through a small opening in the balustrade of an old bridge in Nuremberg.

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